Thursday, 21 October 2010 16:21

NACE 2010 by the Numbers

ASA sponsors NACE and its “CARS” mechanical industry event all under the “Automotive Service and Repair Week” (ASRW) umbrella. For the first time in six years, NACE 2010 was held separately from “Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week,” during which SEMA-AAPEX and other automotive aftermarket shows are held. The return of NACE as a stand-alone event was triggered by efforts to lure collision repairers and exhibitors to SEMA, a strategy that appears to be working given SEMA 2010’s 120% growth over last year’s PBE exhibits.

As ASRW ended last month, ASA’s Pyle said he felt “like a rescued Chilean miner,” given what he saw as the success of the event.

He acknowledged the show was smaller but said it was “appropriately” sized given the economy. The trade show included 270 companies (down from about 400 in 2008) in 75,000 square feet of exhibit space (down from about 90,000 square feet last year).

Show organizers said they would announce final attendance figures in the coming weeks, but estimated it at 14,000 to 16,000 (down from 21,000 last year).

Pyle noted that all trade shows have seen declines, and that this year’s results show that ASRW “has legs” as a stand-alone event, meeting the needs of “a very distinct and separate part of the overall industry” that “deserves its own events,” and that service and collision repair was not a part of the specialty or aftermarket.

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