Monday, 02 August 2010 16:01

NSF's Auto Aftermarket Parts Certification Program Certifies First Automotive Collision Safety Parts

Diamond Standard Parts LLC’s front steel bumpers, which are manufactured by Reflexxion Automotive and Production Bumper Stamping, Inc. (PBSI), have become the first automotive aftermarket parts to be certified under NSF International’s new Automotive Aftermarket Parts Certification Program.

Reports continue to emphasize the importance of manufacturing replacement structural parts to standards that replicate the safety and damage criteria design of the original vehicle part. NSF International’s Automotive Aftermarket Parts Certification Program offers independent, third-party testing and certification of these aftermarket structural parts to help instill confidence in the performance and quality of these parts.

The NSF Certification helps ensure that an auto aftermarket part meets rigid quality, safety and performance standards. To obtain certification, Diamond Standard Parts front steel bumpers were independently reviewed, tested and compared by NSF to original equipment (OE) service parts. NSF International inspected Diamond Standard’s OE-ready manufacturing facilities and quality systems that meet or exceed each of the stringent requirements. The inspection verified that Diamond Standard manufacturing facilities have a process in place for monitoring and handling customer inquiries and a robust part traceability program.

To maintain their certification, Diamond Standard will undergo quarterly facility inspections and random, in-market part testing, validating part quality and integrity.

Diamond Standard Parts’ front steel bumpers will now be authorized to display the NSF Mark, which indicates they’ve met NSF International's certification requirements. They also are listed on NSF’s certification listings webpage.

“Independent certification is essential as it will help assure the consumer, collision repair shop, independent distributor and insurance industry that the automotive repair parts maintain the integrity of the original collision management system,” said Geoff Crane, Business Development Manager, Diamond Standard.

“The NSF Mark is a sign to any body shop that an NSF Certified part meets the industry’s highest standards for safety, quality and performance,” said Bob Frayer, Director of NSF International’s Automotive Aftermarket Parts Certification Program and Engineering Laboratories.

Manufacturers of parts seeking information on NSF International's Automotive Aftermarket Parts Certification Program can visit www.nsfautomotive.com or email autocert@nsf.org. Media interested in more information should contact Greta Houlahan at houlahan@nsf.org or 734.913.5723

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