Wednesday, 28 April 2010 13:06

Automakers and Independent Repairers Urge Pennsylvania Lawmakers to Stop 'Right to Repair' Legislation

he Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Alliance), Association of International Automobile Manufacturers (AIAM) and the Automotive Service Association (ASA) jointly urge Pennsylvania legislators to reject HB 2410, the so-called "Right to Repair" bill.

ASA president Ron Pyle stated, "The so-called 'Right to Repair' Act is a solution in search of a problem.  Automakers already provide affordable access to the necessary information to diagnose and service vehicles.  All automakers maintain service information websites and make factory scan tools available to the independent repair community.  The information is the same as that provided to franchised dealers and the tools are capable of performing the same functions.  By investing in proper equipment and training and subscribing to service information providers, repair shops can gain access to everything they need to repair a motor vehicle of any make or model."

Alliance President and CEO Dave McCurdy said, "For nine years the proponents of this legislation, the CARE Coalition and their aftermarket parts-producing member companies have searched far and wide for a sympathetic legislature to champion their cause.  The US Congress and all other state legislators have consistently rejected their claims.  No state has ever adopted the so-called 'Right to Repair' legislation." Consumer Reports went so far as to label the legislation "bogus."

AIAM CEO Mike Stanton added, "We believe our customers should be able to seek vehicle repair services wherever reliable and first-rate service is offered.  Automakers work very hard to make high-quality cars and trucks, and their reputations could be jeopardized if customers felt they could not go to the service and repair shop of their choosing."