Wednesday, 21 September 2022 14:13

RAM Revolution EV Pickup Concept Set for November Unveiling

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati


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The EV pickup market is bound to get more crowded, as RAM Trucks CEO Mike Koval Jr. said the company will unveil its RAM Revolution Concept truck the night before the LA Auto Show in November.

The vehicle is expected to go on sale in 2024. 


Very little information about the RAM Revolution EV pickup is available, though the vehicle’s concept unveiling will likely provide some key details. Considering the LA Auto Show is set to run Nov. 18-27, the unveiling of the RAM Revolution Concept will likely be done Nov. 17. 


While RAM Trucks is coming pretty late into the battery-electric pickup truck market---its longtime rival Ford is already delivering the F-150 Lightning to consumers and General Motors has already unveiled the Silverado EV---Koval said the wait would be worth it. In a statement to the Detroit Free Press, Koval said the Stellantis brand will “push past” its competitors in the electric pickup truck segment. 


The company will do this by ensuring the RAM Revolution EV has “core attributes” important for pickup truck customers. These include towing and hauling, as well other features that make trucks useful for real work. Thus, for the next six to eight months, RAM Trucks would be on the “precipice of something extraordinary,” according to the CEO. 


“More and more truck intenders are open-minded to the idea of electrification in their pickups, but they’re not willing to sacrifice our most core attributes that make a truck a truck, like towing, like hauling, and in the future, range and charge time. In other words, ‘trucks still need to do truck things’ is the message that we’re receiving through feedback to date,” Koval said. 


Unlike the Ford F-150 Lightning, the RAM Revolution EV would not be built on...

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