Friday, 05 August 2022 10:34

SCRS Quick Tips: OEM Steps to Disconnect/Reconnect a Battery


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Most OEMs state that you need to disconnect a battery before welding, and even sometimes before you disconnect electrical components.

This means on the vast majority of repairs, the battery is going to be disconnected. When this is necessary, it is important to research directly in the OEM repair manual or Electronic Service Manual to identify what procedures are required in the process of disconnecting and reconnecting the battery on that specific vehicle.


Some of these operations may lead to a wait time between turning the vehicle off and disconnecting the battery---these can range from 90 seconds to five minutes---and others may be steps to reinitialize a system or more thorough test drives or cycles.  


Mike Anderson of Collision Advice is joined by I-CAR SME Jeff Poole, who talks through everything from the basics of waiting to considerations around jump starting or charging the battery in the proper manner and resetting the battery management system. Use this video to better understand why procedure research is so critical, even on a task as common as battery D&R.


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