Friday, 29 July 2022 13:57

SCRS Quick Tips: Documenting Customer Communication


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Front office processes such as consumer communications, conversations and authorization for repair is an important part of the repair process documentation chain.

Sometimes what we communicate is in a conversation rather than in an electronic form of communication that can be easily attached to a file. It’s important to ingrain in our staff that if you did not document it in the management system, it did not happen.


Mike Anderson of Collision Advice talks with Danny Gredinberg of the DEG about strategies and methods for making sure conversations are accounted.


When we deliver the vehicle, we want to be able to provide a log of the communication, prepping the consumer for a positive response that we kept them informed if and when they are asked in a CSI survey. And when delays occur---whether from waiting on a reinspection or a delayed part---we want a record to establish with the consumer what led to changes in repair timeframe and that we proactively kept them informed along the way.


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Source: SCRS