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Automakers Report June, Q2 Sales


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Automakers on July 1 began releasing sales results for June.



Kia America announced June sales of 65,142 units, an increase of 12% month-over-month.


The all-new Sportage SUV posted all-time record monthly sales total of 14,153 units. June also marked the third consecutive month that sales of the Sportage SUV exceeded 10,000 units, contributing to record high SUV ratio of overall sales of 71%.


In addition, Kia captured its largest share of market ever, beating the previous high achieved in July 2021.




Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) reported total June sales of 15,130 vehicles, a decrease of 53.6% compared to June 2021.


Year-to-date sales totaled 142,803 vehicles; a decrease of 24.5% compared to the same time last year.


With 26 selling days in June, compared to 25 the year prior, the company posted a decrease of 55.4% on a Daily Selling Rate (DSR) basis.


CPO sales totaled 4,121 vehicles in June, a decrease of 31% compared to June 2021.




Hyundai Motor America reported total June sales of 63,091 units, a 12.9% decrease compared with June 2021. June retail sales declined 5.5%.


Hyundai's monthly sales results were better than industry predictions that forecasted a 15.8% decline in June.


Hyundai established a new retail sales record in June for Santa Fe and set new total sales records for Tucson HEV and Nexo.


June was the highest sales month in 2022.


Hyundai sold 184,191 units in Q2 and 343,867 units in the first half. New all-time best Q2 records were set for Tucson HEV, Veloster N, Palisade and Nexo, with SUVs representing 76% of the total retail mix.


Hyundai Green sales of 7,886 represented 12.5% of retail (+6%). Hyundai had no fleet sales in the first half of 2022.




Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) reported U.S. sales in June of 170,155 vehicles, down 17.9% on a volume basis and down...

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