Friday, 24 June 2022 13:55

SCRS Quick Tip: Prep Pinch Welds Before & After Clamps


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Many automakers specify that pinch weld and frame clamps are used for securing unitized and full frame vehicles to equipment for measuring and repair operations.

It’s important to follow OEM procedures directly, because while some call for this type of repair, others may specify that the vehicle should never be affixed to the body alignment machine via the pinch weld.

The OEM repair manual is the best resource for getting it right. If securing the vehicle by the pinch weld, the repair planner and technician must consider the preparation of the area before securing the clamp. Many OEMs specify the need to remove all material, such as undercoating, gravel guard, seam sealer and refinish, on both the front and back surfaces of the pinch weld, to have an effective bare metal mounting surface. This equates to eight different areas of the vehicle to prep.


Securing clamps to the pinch welds will leave minor damage as a result of the repair process, and those "bite marks" or "witness marks" require additional labor to correct. Any damage to the clamped area must be repaired, and labor and materials are not included. The repair facility must then consider restoring the materials that were previously removed, to ensure corrosion protection is restored. Be sure to follow product manufacturer's specific procedures when applying any coatings.


We hope this added tip provides you added information to restore the vehicle to pre-accident condition.


Source: SCRS