Tuesday, 24 May 2022 11:48

Ford Reaches $19.2 Million Settlement in False Advertising Lawsuit

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Ford Motor Company and 40 states’ attorneys general agreed to a $19.2 million settlement, concluding an investigation into Ford’s alleged false advertising of the payload capacity of 2011-2014 Super Duty pickup trucks and the fuel economy of 2013-2014 C-Max hybrids. 

The investigation revealed Ford used a deceptive scheme to calculate the maximum payload of its pickups. Ford created hypothetical Super Duty truck configurations that omitted standard equipment, resulting in inflated payload figures---figures just high enough for Ford to make Best-in-Class payload claims.


Ford used this strategy when calculating payload for advertising purposes, but not for calculating the actual payload capacity of the trucks that consumers bought.


The company also misrepresented the fuel economy figures for C-Max hybrids.
Texas received a $1.7 million share of the settlement.


“Ford has agreed not to make false or misleading claims about pickup truck payload capacity, and not to make false or misleading fuel economy claims,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. “In today’s automotive marketplace, it is imperative that Texans receive accurate information from automakers to ensure they can make informed decisions. I will continue to stand up for the rights and well-being of Texas consumers and ensure the fairness of the marketplace.” 


Source: Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas