Friday, 13 May 2022 08:20

SCRS Quick Tip: Protecting Connections on Electric Vehicles


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Ever wonder if it is important to protect electrical connections on EVs during the repair and refinish process? 

In this video, Mike Anderson from Collision Advice talks to Jeff Poole, manager and subject matter expert for I-CAR, about why repairers need to take special care to protect and cover these cables and connectors on high voltage systems.


The amount of energy that propels these vehicles is tremendous, and dust, grinding debris, overspray and contamination can exponentially increase resistance. As a repair planner, you will need to consider if the electrical system needs to be disconnected, the connection cables and ports need to be protected as a task, similar to how you might protect airbag connections.


Mike and Jeff discuss how protective coverings could be applied, from OEM provided or 3D-printed plug covers, to non-conductive, highly visible tape options.


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