Friday, 28 January 2022 10:56

BMW to Reportedly Halt i3 Production

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati


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BMW will reportedly halt production of the i3 all-electric vehicle, a car the German automaker has produced for nine years and has been the cornerstone of its transition to electrification.

The production stoppage will take place at the end of June, a BMW spokeswoman said Jan. 28.


The first unit rolled off of production lines at BMW's Leipzig, Germany, facility in September 2013. The i3 has won two World Car of the Year Awards, winning both the World Green Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year in 2014.


The i3 has been one of BMW’s most crucial vehicles, especially as it was released early on in the days of electrified vehicles. The i3 sold nearly 250,000 units in its nine-year run, with last year contributing its most rewarding cycle in terms of sales: 28,216 units, a 5.4% increase from 2020. 


Handelsblatt said early sales figures were not what BMW had expected, especially as EVs were less desirable compared to now. There was little to no charging infrastructure, there were only a handful of respectable EVs on the market, and gas-powered models were simply more popular.


However, despite a strong year, the i3 still lags behind the sector’s bestsellers, and it’s not quite what BWM is looking for. It has newer, electrified models that are simply more competitive and are poised to perform better in current market settings than the i3.


BMW seems ready to move on from its trademark EV, thanking it for its nine-year run as one of the most notorious electrified vehicles on the market due to its status as a mainstay in the sector.


Automobilwoche initially reported the story; BMW did not...

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