Thursday, 27 January 2022 15:04

SEMA Loan Forgiveness Program to Help Members Pay Off Student Debt

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If you are employed by a SEMA-member company, you may qualify to receive up to $2,000 to pay off an existing student loan.

As part of the SEMA Loan Forgiveness program, employees of SEMA-member companies are invited to apply for a Loan Forgiveness Award between now and March 1.


The Loan Forgiveness program runs in conjunction with the SEMA Scholarship program. Combined, the programs have awarded more than $3 million since their founding in 1984.


The Loan Forgiveness program is open exclusively to SEMA-member companies and their employees as a benefit of membership. The program provides funds to help pay off education loans from a college, university or career technical/trade school.


Last year, 22 employees of SEMA-member companies received loan-forgiveness awards to help pay off student loans.


To learn more about the Loan Forgiveness Program or to apply, visit www.sema.org/loan-forgiveness before the March 1 deadline.


Source: SEMA