Wednesday, 26 January 2022 10:50

Hertz Says it is ‘Actively Receiving’ Tesla Model 3 Rental Cars Across the U.S.

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati


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Hertz told Teslarati in a statement it cannot currently share delivery figures but it did confirm it is “actively receiving deliveries for both our retail and Uber rental fleet and have availability in several markets throughout the country as part of our phased national rollout.”

Hertz made the statement Jan. 25 after notorious Tesla bear Gordon Johnson reached out for further clarification regarding the availability of the all-electric sedan at LaGuardia Airport.


Johnson, who has shorted Tesla stock for many years and currently holds a “Sell” rating on the automaker’s shares, reached out to Hertz via Twitter to gain clarification regarding Hertz’s Model 3 fleet.


“I checked your availability of TSLA Model 3 cars, you know, the ones you had the Tom Brady commercials made on, at La Guardia airport (popular hub), & they are 'sold out' all the way thru Oct. ’22 (I didn’t check Nov.). Do you have the cars, or was this simply a pump?” Johnson asked.


It is not uncommon for Johnson to be especially bearish when speaking of Tesla, as his most recent price target for the stock was $67. At the time of writing, Tesla shares (NASDAQ: TSLA) traded at $926.79.


Hertz replied and clarified Model 3s are currently unavailable at LaGuardia Airport, but the company is “actively receiving Tesla deliveries across the country for both our retail and Uber rental fleets and have availability in several markets as part of our phased national rollout.”


Johnson looked for more clarification on where Tesla rentals are currently available through Hertz. A dedicated Tesla rental attendant through Hertz told Johnson units are available in Florida, which was the first state to receive Model 3s. Additionally, the attendant said cars are...

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