Tuesday, 25 January 2022 08:49

CIF Announces Air Pro Diagnostics as Repeat Annual Donor

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The Collision Industry Foundation (CIF) is delighted to announce AirPro Diagnostics committed to participate again in the CIF Annual Donor Program.

This marks the second year in a row for a generous donation, this time at the Urgent Care tier with a $5,000 pledge. 


The Annual Donor Program was designed to bring needed, recurring resources to CIF, so it can deliver on its mission to Answer the Call when those in the industry have been impacted by unforeseen catastrophic events.


“AirPro Diagnostics believes in supporting the repair community and are proud to assist CIF to meet its unique mission. The industry at large is very fortunate to have an organization such as CIF when tragedy strikes,” said Lonnie Margol, founder and CEO of AirPro Diagnostics.


“This generous contribution is truly appreciated. Since CIF depends solely on the generosity of its donors to conduct its work, CIF funds---which are dedicated to assist collision professionals after disaster strikes---will be replenished,” said CIF Trustee Kelly Broderick, of Sherwin-Williams


To become a CIF annual donor, visit www.collisionindustryfoundation.org and click on the button “Donate to CIF Annual Donor Program,” or reach out via email to collisionindustryfoundation@gmail.com. 


All donations are tax-deductible.


Source: CIF