Friday, 21 January 2022 11:02

SCRS Quick Tips: The Huddle---Executing on Effective Release Meetings


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Want to know how to have the most productive release or production meeting possible?

Mike Anderson of CollisionAdvice.com talks with Bruce Halcro of Capitol Collision about strategies he’s seen work to make for the best, most productive experience every day.


Do you hold them on a whim, or have a consistent schedule starting at the same time every day? Have you created a culture where everyone comes prepared? Are the meetings at times people feel they could otherwise be more productive? You might be surprised at the maximum amount of time Mike recommends a release meeting last.


Don’t let your production meetings become morale killers in your business. Organization and preparation are going to help you review the vehicles scheduled to arrive or depart over the next three days. Preparation falls on all the team members and this video will walk you through some ideas on how to accomplish it.  


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