Thursday, 20 January 2022 09:15

Average Length of Rental Increased by 1.8 Days Between Third and Fourth Quarters of 2021


...they could schedule new work within one week or even sooner. In Q4 2021, only about one in 10 could say the same thing.


In fact, a record 67% of shops said they are scheduling new work two weeks or more into the future, and 30% said they won’t get to new work for four weeks or more.


“We are 13 weeks out on repairs due to body tech shortages,” the manager of a franchise location in the Dallas-Fort Worth market shared.


Mike Anderson, president and owner of Collision Advice, calls shop staffing the No. 1 issue facing repairers today: “The shortage of employees is absolutely contributing to the backlog of repairs, which is driving longer cycle times.”


Greg Horn, chief innovation officer for PartsTrader, said: “We’ve seen an increase in the median delivery days for all part types in the fourth quarter. Rather than measure the average delivery times, which can dilute the impact of a single part delay, we measure the median (plus two standard deviations) to capture the impact of all parts.


"While all part types have experienced an increase, we are seeing some of the longest delays on OEM parts---particularly for foreign nameplates. We’ve implemented a national part locating service to assist our partners in locally sourcing backordered parts.”


Regarding parts, Yoswick added: “According to a CRASH Network survey in November, three of four shops (74%) said the prompt availability of OEM parts was among the things that had changed significantly in their business this year, and more than a third (35%) cited that as their single biggest business challenge. Meanwhile, even more (43%) said the difficulty of finding new employees is their biggest challenge.


Indeed, Horn added: “Parts alone are not driving the entire delay. Shops are telling us that...