Monday, 17 January 2022 13:38

Tesla Model Y: Details and Advice Related to $20,000 Repair

Written by Steven Loveday, Insider EVs



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Tesla owner Ryan Shaw's Model Y electric crossover was undrivable after it got rear-ended. The cost to have it repaired was a whopping $20,000.

He broke down exactly what happened, how everything worked out and what he "learned the hard way."


Collision repairs are expensive, and if you own a Tesla, there's a good chance a collision repair will be much more expensive than you expect. Moreover, in many cases, the repairs can take a very long time.


While Tesla operates a growing number of Collision Centers that handle full structural repairs and light collision work, it typically relies on certified collision shops to handle the repairs.


Shaw was one of the first people to take delivery of a Model Y in March 2020. The early model had some issues that had to be taken care of at a Service Center, but those problems were nothing compared to what he went through after the EV was hit, not once, but twice.


Shaw rented out the car on Turo and it was rear-ended while the renter was driving. He had it fixed, but more recently, the Model Y was rear-ended again while he was driving. The second collision was bad enough he couldn't drive the car. 


The first repair cost about $10,000, and it was covered by the at-fault driver's insurance. Shaw also received loss of income, diminished value and the replacement PPF was covered. It took forever, but it all worked out okay.


The second collision was much worse, and left him stuck on the freeway for hours. However...

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