Tuesday, 11 January 2022 15:28

41 Schools Benefit from $130,000 Raised by 12 I-CAR Committees Through CREF


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The Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) is excited to announce 41 secondary and post-secondary schools in the U.S. will benefit from Benchmark Grants funded through the efforts of 12 devoted I-CAR committees.

A variety of fundraising methods were employed, generating $131,250 in funds that will aid the industry’s future generation in becoming prepared for a career in collision repair. Eligibility for these awards was achieved by applying for CREF’s 2021 Collision School Career Readiness Benchmark Grant. 


“In 2021, our I-CAR field team worked with CREF to develop a more strategic, disciplined approach to reach out and support more schools," said Terry Ticel, I-CAR director, field sales. "This new approach gave our committees better insight and understanding of the Benchmark Grant process and its requirements. With this collaborative effort and data collection, we were better equipped to track and support the process and provide additional help to the schools for a better opportunity to receive additional funding.


“The fundraisers were determined by each of the participating committees and supported by their members and the CREF staff. These committees did an outstanding job in the support of their schools, giving them an additional financial infusion to fortify their programs to better educate and prepare their students for a career in the collision industry.”


“The funding raised by these local volunteer I-CAR committees for their local collision programs is crucial for these programs to afford the needed tools, equipment and supplies which their budgets don’t always allow for,” said Brandon Eckenrode, managing director of CREF. “Thank you to all the committees who have been active at the local level organizing these fundraisers with CREF! The local collision students seeing and meeting the industry members in their market is essential to keeping the students motivated to stay within the industry. We look forward to collaborating with even more I-CAR committees in 2022.”


The Collision School Career Readiness Benchmark Grants recognize schools that excel at educating students in collision repair, but due to strained school budgets, the programs require additional financial assistance.


Recipient schools use these funds to...

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