Tuesday, 11 January 2022 10:33

DCR Systems Sponsors Matrix Trade Institute to Support Auto Body Technician Education


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DCR Systems announced Jan. 11 the company is the first corporate sponsor of the Matrix Trade Institute’s Collision Program as a Foundation Level Partner.

“Foundation Level Partners saw our vision early on, believe in supporting technician education and helped shape the Matrix Trade Institute,” said Dustin Peugeot, CEO and co-founder of the Matrix Trade Institute in Ohio.


The institute offers upskill industry efficiency training boot camps for employers that aim to help technicians reach the next level by improving their skills and learning efficiency techniques to help them become more productive and grow. The boot camps are paid for by employers.


DCR Systems, also based in Ohio, develops on-site accident repair facilities for auto dealers seeking to outsource this function as an additional fixed operation.


Peugeot said the goal at Matrix is to align with forward-thinking operations like DCR Systems that have the vision to see a better way forward and the courage and commitment to deliver for their employees.


“It’s bold and disruptive in all the right ways, and that’s Michael Giarrizzo and the DCR team from top to bottom,” he said.


Giarrizzo, president and CEO of DCR Systems, said the partnership was a natural fit geographically, and due to the school’s area of focus.


“Matrix Trade Institute is a forward-thinking school that isn’t entrenched in the traditional ways of repairing vehicles,” he said. “We really felt the synergy.”


“There are a lot of trade schools and programs closing down due to lack of funding,” said Cheryl Boswell, CFO and managing partner at DCR Systems. “These types of training facilities are important to help groom the next generation of technicians.”


As a corporate sponsor, DCR Systems helps shape the school’s curriculum from the standpoint of...

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