Friday, 07 January 2022 11:36

Mitsubishi Debuts Tech to Keep Motorists Safe Who Fall Asleep or Become Unresponsive


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Mitsubishi Electric on Jan. 6 unveiled a new Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) at CES 2022 that detects and monitors the physical condition of a vehicle’s driver and occupants to promote safe vehicle operation.

Among the system’s leading safety features is a next-generation Driver Monitoring System (DMS) that senses a driver’s heart rate and responsiveness.


When alertness levels drop too low or the driver’s physical condition suddenly changes due to sleep, a seizure, heart attack or stroke, the DMS automatically sounds an alarm and, if the driver remains unresponsive, notifies a support center that can trigger the vehicle to stop on the shoulder to prevent accidents.


The ADAS functionality is featured in the demonstration of a new concept car from Mitsubishi Electric, the EMIRAI xS Drive, which is equipped with near-infrared cameras and radio-wave sensors to monitor the driver and passengers.


The DMS detects driver drowsiness or sudden sickness based on facial expressions (e.g., closed eyes, open mouth, etc.) or other body information (e.g., pulse and respiration rates).


“Enabling safe, convenient and sustainable transportation of people and things is one of our key areas of focus at CES under our Mobility pillar,” said Mark Rakoski, vice president of advanced engineering at Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America (MEAA). “Our DMS plays a critical role in enabling a people-centric smart society that promotes the health and safety of individuals and families.”


According to Rakoski, the DMS is especially important with the evolution of autonomous driving. With standard driving, if a driver experiences a health problem and becomes impaired, that person may be...

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