Friday, 07 January 2022 11:21

SCRS Quick Tip: Required OEM Safety Inspections


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When should repair facilities perform safety inspections? How should they be done? Why are OEMs requiring them---and perhaps the biggest question---why do bill payers take such exception to the safety steps and seem to push back in the claims process?

Mike Anderson, Danny Gredinberg and SCRS Chairman Bruce Halcro discuss the common challenges, and how to counter them.


Most, if not all OEMs have some type of safety inspection that needs to be performed by the repair facility following a collision or damage. This may including R&I or measure the steering column, removal of the dash, removal or inspection of the airbags or seatbelts and their mounting locations and more.


According to Mike, this is one of the single biggest areas of friction between repair shops and third party payers.


Learn about work I-CAR has begun exploring SRS safety inspections through a Repairability Summit, and ways the industry can communicate about concerns and questions surrounding OEM inspections and processes. The more information that can be provided by the industry, the clearer the picture will become of what is and is not being found during these inspections.  


You can access the I-CAR SRS Inspection Feedback Form here.


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Source: SCRS