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4 Industry Veterans Form Automotive Market Data

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Industry veterans Brian Reed, Steve Greenfield, Andrew Gordon and Pete Batten formed a team they’ve called Automotive Market Data.

And the team launched what it believes is the first-ever digital retailing market share database to inform dealers, investors and vendors---in real-time---about the automotive digital retailing landscape.


According to a news release, the database evaluates more than 35 digital retailers each day across approximately 18,000 U.S. automobile dealer websites to identify the top digital retailers among dealers, predominant digital retailers by brand and leading technology providers in the automotive space, as well as unique digital retailing trends and emerging technologies.


“The pandemic hyper-accelerated automotive digital retail adoption, which created a need for comprehensive, up-to-date information to help industry professionals make highly informed decisions,” said Reed, who is an industry advisor at Automotive Ventures and partner at Automotive Market Data. “More than ever, dealers need to know which digital retailing tools to use, investors need to know where to commit their money, and vendors need to know how they stack up against the competition. We provide answers to these questions and more."


The group shared a sample list of the independent, third-party reporting provided by Automotive Market Data, potentially including not limited to:


  • Digital retailer growth rate, churn rate and market penetration.
  • The digital retailing tool(s) currently being used, or have just been added, to particular dealership websites.
  • Digital retailer dealer count changes over specified periods of time and within specific geographic regions.
  • Digital retailer market share by automotive manufacturer.
  • Dealer and/or manufacturer customer longevity among digital retailers.


The Automotive Market Data team also is looking to provide the industry with dealership contact information, vehicle-specific data, new and used-vehicle market pricing, cost of ownership information and vehicle history reports.


“Despite its importance, a complete picture of the digital retailing landscape didn’t exist until now,” said Greenfield, founder and CEO of Automotive Ventures and partner at Automotive Market Data.


“Historically, it’s been next to impossible to identify top digital retailers by dealer and OEM market share, yet information like this is...

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