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Apple's AirTags Being Used to Track and Steal Luxury Cars

Written by Loukia Papadopoulos, Interesting Engineering
Apple's AirTags Being Used to Track and Steal Luxury Cars peepo/iStock


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In August, there was the story of a cybersecurity expert in Brooklyn, NY, who was able to recover his stolen bike by tracking it down himself, thanks to an Apple AirTag he had hidden inside the bike.

In November, however, we reported the story of an unidentified woman in Jonesboro, AR, who turned on her iPhone in her car only to get a notice informing her there was an AirTag somewhere nearby. She was being tracked without her consent or knowledge. 


The stories highlight both the advantages and dangers of AirTags. 


Recently, Canadian police reported car thieves have been using AirTags to track and steal luxury cars, according to a report by Ars Technica.


York Regional Police shared the tales of five incidents in which thieves have hidden AirTags on vehicles parked in public in order to be able to track them down later and steal them. The incidents had all taken place in the last three months.


For the few who may still not know what they are, Apple's AirTags are tiny tracking devices with a speaker that can be stuck on things most likely to be misplaced. The user can then activate them using their Apple device and easily locate them.


It is obvious how such a device can be problematic. Apple has said it has...

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