Monday, 06 December 2021 21:22

Auto Techcelerators, LLC Announces New Version of Test Drive CoPilot™ Platform, Guide for ADAS Calibration Businesses 

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Auto Techcelerators, LLC, announced it has released a new version of its patent-pending Test Drive CoPilot™ platform that makes it easier, quicker and less expensive to properly perform, manage and document pre- and post-repair/calibration test drives and dynamic calibrations.

According to Auto Techcelerators, for less than $3 per day, the new Standard version allows users to use their smartphone to access OEM test drive and dynamic calibration procedures and generate a detailed test drive and dynamic calibration report and invoice. 


“This new version of our Test Drive CoPilot™ platform helps us take another step toward our goal to turn smartphones into powerful ADAS repair and calibration information, documentation and knowledge platforms,” said Auto Techcelerators LLC co-founder and CEO Frank Terlep.


Auto Techcelerators also recently released a free 145-page guide on opening and operating an ADAS service and calibration business.


This guide, which can be downloaded at www.autotechcelerators.com, provides insight on more than 16 ADAS business and operating topics ranging from business goals and objectives, facility requirements, finding and selling future customers, performance metrics, KPI’s and more.


“We believe the business opportunity for ADAS services and calibrations will be $1 billion by 2025!" Terlep said. "Today, there are not many sources to help individuals or businesses open or operate ADAS service and calibration businesses. Our team created this guide to help the industry understand what it takes to open and operate professional, safe and profitable ADAS service and calibration businesses.” 


Source: Auto Techcelerators, LLC

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