Friday, 03 December 2021 18:45

Ford F-150 Lightning Customer Deliveries Pushed Back to Q3 2022

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati


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Ford representatives and DriveElectricTN recently held a webinar where several of the automaker’s key upcoming all-electric vehicles were discussed.

While the event was primarily focused on fleets and fleet managers, Ford representatives James Morgan and Nathan Gyori provided some key updates about the highly-anticipated F-150 Lightning, expected to enter production and start deliveries next year.


As per the Ford representatives, the F-150 Lightning’s order banks for both retail and fleet customers would be opened in January. Production of the F-150 Lightning is slated for June, and first customer deliveries are now expected to begin in September.


This update represented a delay for the vehicle’s deliveries, as initial estimates pointed to a spring 2022 release instead. 


Considering the F-150 Lightning has now surpassed 160,000 reservations, the chances of retail customers getting their all-electric trucks next year seem slim. With deliveries only starting in September, Ford would only have a few months’ worth of production to deliver to its customers before the year ends.


This sentiment seemed to be shared by F-150 Lightning reservation holders, with several users in the F-150Gen14 Forum saying they would probably receive their Lightnings well into 2023 with the pickup truck’s updated delivery target. 


While the F-150 Lightning would most likely be worth the wait, the delayed deliveries of the all-electric work truck could provide its competitors with some time to saturate the market. These include the Rivian R1T, which competes with the F-150 Lightning’s higher trim levels, and potentially even...

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