Wednesday, 01 December 2021 16:54

Supply Chain Chaos Has Moved from Seaports to Airports

Written by Nicolás Rivero, Quartz

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The global supply chain crisis has entered a new stage. Chaos and congestion are shifting from seaports to airports as retailers are racing to move products from factories in east Asia to shoppers in the U.S. and Europe before the holidays.

As recently as October, retailers were vying for space on any cargo ship they could find to keep their shelves stocked during the holiday shopping season. It’s now too late to ship anything overseas that will arrive before Dec. 25; if retailers want to get any last-minute goods in from far-flung manufacturers, they’ll have to pay top dollar to get their cargo delivered by air.


As a result, the backlogs and delays that have plagued seaports all year are now hitting airports.


Air freight was once an expensive if surefire way to get goods delivered fast. That may no longer be true this holiday season.


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