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Nissan: 23 New Electrified Models, Including 15 BEVs by 2030

Written by Mark Kane, Inside EVs


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Nissan on Nov. 29 announced its long-term strategy---Ambition 2030---with electrification at the center, and revealed a few new concept models.

The Japanese company intends to accelerate electrification plans with an investment of 2 trillion yen ($17.6 billion) over the next five years.


The main goal is to increase electrification share of new car sales to 50% by fiscal year 2030---the end of March 2031---through the launch of 23 "exciting new electrified models", including 15 battery-electric ones. The numbers includes both the Nissan and Infiniti brands.


It appears we will not have to wait long for those new electrified cars, as the first 20 new EV and e-POWER equipped models will be launched in the next five years, by the end of fiscal year 2026, we assume.


Currently, the Nissan e-POWER includes series-hybrids (non-rechargeable), but it's probably possible some of them in the future might be plug-in hybrids.


Assuming there will be 15 BEVs and 23 new electrified models, there must be at least 12 in the first batch of 20 by 2026, and the remaining eight would be e-POWER, as we understand.


The electrification rate is expected to be the highest in Europe. Nissan expects by fiscal year 2026, the electrified cars will account for:


  • Europe: more than 75% of sales
  • Japan: more than 55% of sales
  • China: more than 40% of sales


In the U.S., the situation might be a little bit different, as the company says 40% of EV sales in fiscal year 2030, which means we don't know the target for EV/e-POWER by 2026. Actually, we are not even sure whether the e-POWER models will be launched in North America.


Only time will tell if Nissan will be able to return to the forefront of electrification more than a decade after the launch of the original Nissan LEAF.


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