Tuesday, 23 November 2021 16:41

Vroom Data Makes Case for Used EV Growth

Written by Joe Overby, Auto Remarketing


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The acronym ACES or CASE is often used in the auto industry to describe, in some form or fashion, the emerging role of connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility and electrification.

And as he has shared during industry presentations, Quin Garcia and the team at Autotech Ventures will often add a “D” to the latter to make it CASED, underscoring the prevalence of digitization within that mix.


The marriage of “D” and “E” within that acronym is particularly evident in data shared by online auto retailer Vroom.


Citing internal data, Vroom said via email it has sold 201% more used electric vehicles to consumers this year than last year.


Tesla continues to dominate the list of most popular used EVs on the Vroom platform.


According to company data from January through October, the top four used EVs sold by Vroom were all Tesla models, including the Model 3 in the No. 1 spot.


It was followed by the Model S in the No. 2 spot, the Model X in third and the Model Y at No. 4.


Looking at the data from the same time frame of 2020, the Model S led the way, followed by the Model 3 and the Model X, respectively.


The complete lists of best-selling used EVs on the platform are below, with...

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