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By the Numbers: VINs and Parts Do Not Always Match

Written by Rebecca Barnabi, glassBYTEs.com


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In early 2020, AGRR magazine explored the disconnect between vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and the NAGS numbers they identify. These issues have persisted into 2021.

“I think our software probably doesn’t have all the correct information that the dealers have,” said Rick Valentine, owner of Intermountain Auto Glass in Boise, ID. He has noticed an issue with incorrect parts numbers for the past four to five years.


His shops get three sources to confirm the part number with a VIN: PGW, Mygrant and RepairLink. He says incorrect identification of parts by VIN does not happen as often as it used to. Valentine estimates his technicians receive the wrong part number about 2% of the time.


Sometimes multiple part numbers are provided, Valentine said, even though, in theory, there should be only one part number associated with a particular VIN.


“If all three sources [PGW, Mygrant and Repairlink) show the same part number, I feel we’re good to go,” he said. However, if a discrepancy exists, a technician calls the manufacturer and checks with the NAGS listing.


“It’s just very time-consuming,” he said.


Valentine does not see the issue going away soon.


“It’ll only get worse,” he said, because vehicles are becoming more complicated. Twenty years ago, a Chevy truck had one windshield option. Today, a Chevy truck may have multiple options for installation. “We really try to make sure we get the correct part.”


“The dealership is more accurate, but they’re not 100%,” said Damien Butterfield, owner of Expert Auto Glass, which has locations in North Dakota and Utah.


The NAGS listing of a part for a VIN is wrong...

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