Friday, 19 November 2021 21:13

Tesla Recalls Model S, Model X Vehicles Over Airbags

Written by David A. Wood, CarComplaints.com

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Tesla is recalling about 7,600 model year 2021 Model X and Model S vehicles because the driver's airbag cushions may tear when the airbags deploy.

The driver's airbags were manufactured in Mexico, but in July the supplier noticed a torn airbag during quality testing, stopping airbag shipments while an investigation commenced.


The next month another airbag tear occurred during testing:


"The supplier and Tesla conducted further investigative analysis and testing and identified a specific location on the airbag in which to reinforce the cushion fabric to make it more robust to variability in the cover door and prevent tearing if the airbag caught the cover door during deployment. The supplier implemented this additional manufacturing countermeasure on Sept. 9."


Tesla said the affected airbags were built between June 29 and Sept. 8.


The automaker also said it is not aware of any injury, warranty claims or customer complaints related to the airbags.


Tesla technicians will replace the driver's airbags after recall notices are mailed Jan. 7.


Tesla Model X and Model S owners may contact Tesla at 877-798-3752. Tesla's recall reference number is SB-21-20-007.


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