Tuesday, 16 November 2021 09:54

Poll: U.S. Voters Support Full Transition to EVs by 2030


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A new poll from Yale University, George Mason University and Climate Nexus, commissioned by the nonprofit Coltura, found by a 55%-35% margin, voters in the U.S. support requiring all new cars sold in their state to be electric starting in 2030.

Gasoline-powered cars are one of the the biggest sources of carbon pollution driving the climate crisis. Coming on the heels of COP26, where world leaders gathered to address the mounting climate crisis, this is the latest in a series of polls indicating strong voter constituent support for aggressive climate action.


According to the new polling data, majorities of voters say requiring new cars manufactured in 2030 or later to be electric would have a positive impact on air quality (73%), climate change (64%), individuals' health (61%) and energy independence (58%), urban communities (52%) and suburban communities (51%).


Particularly supportive of phasing out gasoline-powered cars by 2030 are voters aged 18-34 (71%), Black voters (69%), and Hispanic voters (67%), reflecting the generational urgency of climate action and strong correlation of the EV transition to principles of equity and environmental justice. 


Support for a full transition to electric cars is strong in diverse states across the country. In Michigan, voters support a 2030 phaseout of gas cars by a 55-33 margin; in Nevada, by a 52-39 margin; and in Colorado by a 50-38 margin. In New York, voters support a 2030 phaseout by a 66-24 margin; in Massachusetts by a 62-28 margin; and in New Jersey by a 58-30 margin.  


“To achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions, we must address the biggest source of carbon pollution driving the climate crisis: gas-powered cars, SUVs and light duty trucks,” said Janelle London, co-executive director of Coltura. “The findings of this poll makes it crystal clear that...

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