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SCRS Quick Tip: Parts Mirror Matching


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Mike Anderson of Collision Advice and Danny Gredinberg of DEG, in partnership with the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS), present Quick Tips for those in the collision industry.

There are few things that can bring order to the repair process better than a solid plan to mirror match your new replacement parts against those being replaced.


In this Quick Tip, Mike and Danny talk through strategies that are going to help you form solid standard operating procedures around parts matching. This starts with always separating broken parts from non-broken parts, and building a storage solution that provides for that.


If you are planning your parts cart strategy and want to know how many parts carts you should have per vehicles repaired, Mike and Danny have your answer. They also address situations that would be better served using parts tubs vs. carts.


From matching parts quantities received, verifying parts numbers and ensuring the invoice matches the order received, these simple steps will help avoid unexpected issues from wrong parts or damage. Walk through ways to inspect OE or alternative parts for unexpected differences: Are the headlights lumens the same? Same number of rows of fins on the radiator? How about metal hardness, or just overall fit, finish?


Walk through steps to always match the new component against the old one and confirm left vs. right, stampings, die marks and other critical characteristics. Learn where to store the old damaged part in relationship to the new replacement parts---and find out if the labor time to mirror match is included.


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