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Porsche Hasn’t Been Derailed by the Chip Shortage

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious
Porsche Hasn’t Been Derailed by the Chip Shortage Porsche


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Porsche recently announced it experienced record sales for the first three quarters of 2021.

From January through September, the German automaker delivered 217,198 vehicles to customers around the world. That’s a 13% increase versus the same time period last year.


While we all remember the slowing of car sales in the first half of 2020, the pace picked up dramatically for the second half of the year. However, many automakers have been recording dramatically lower sales figures this year, particularly in the second and third quarters, with the chip shortage being named the No. 1 cause.


How Porsche has been able to get over that seemingly insurmountable hurdle and turn the situation around is worth looking into closely.


In an interview with CNBC International in early September, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume made it clear that despite record sales, shoppers shouldn’t expect to get their car quickly. He emphasized while it depends on the market segment someone is shopping in, it could take up to six months or maybe even longer to receive a car ordered at a dealership.


Blume is hopeful the problem will become less severe “very soon” and ordering times will be at the longest three to five months.


In late July, Volkswagen CFO Alexander Seitz made it clear Q3 supply would be constrained. However, Porsche vehicles have much wider profit margins than Skodas, Volkswagens or many of the group’s other brands, so it would make sense to pour more resources into them. That would explain why Q3 was on the up and up for Porsche while VW Group overall has struggled.


Still, Porsche has had to make due with fewer chips than it would normally use. Like other automakers, it has removed some electronic functions from its vehicles, like adjustable seats and steering columns, conserving the chip supply. Other features have been...

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