Friday, 22 October 2021 08:59

Tesla Acknowledges Service Challenges, Pledges Serious Repair Team Ramp

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati


...grow its service network, from its physical centers to its mobile service fleet. He said over the last year, and despite the presence of the pandemic, Tesla’s physical service centers grew by 35%, and the mobile service fleet saw an even more impressive growth of 40%.


But amidst these efforts, Kirkhorn reiterated, Tesla’s primary goal is still to create vehicles that are extremely reliable, since the best service is no service. 


“And we’ve been working extremely hard since then to address this, and we’ve seen our wait times come down. So this is not the case in every location, but if you think about it from regional average perspective, we are seeing improvements there. We remain super-focused on adding locations. And so over the last year, we’ve grown our physical footprint of service centers by 35%.


“We’ve grown our footprint of mobile repair by over 40%," Kirkhorn said. "We’re also adding staffing as quickly as we can in the areas that are most impacted by the imbalance of supply and demand for service. But I think the most important part about all of this is---and we’ve said this on calls before, where the best service is no service. And so we have been incredibly focused as a company both on the initial quality of our vehicles and reliability of our vehicles." 


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