Friday, 22 October 2021 08:46

Enterprise: Collision-Related Length of Rentals Up 3 Days Compared to a Year Ago


...three days or more, with Louisiana having the highest increase of 3.9 days.


Non-Drivable Claims


Rentals associated with non-drivable repairs saw an increase of 3.8 days.


DC saw the lowest increase, up "only" 1.1 days, while Iowa saw a 1.5-day increase. Eight states’ LOR increased between two and three days, 14 states’ LOR increased between three and four days, 17 states had LOR increases between four and five days, and 10 states had an increase of over five full days, with Alabama and Oklahoma seeing a 5.6-day increase.


Higher severity alongside larger repairs are a likely contributor to non-drivable LOR increases, in addition to the repair backlog referenced earlier.


According to Yoswick, “Some large, heavy collisions are being repaired rather than being declared total losses. Because of the microchip shortage’s impact on new vehicle availability and price, coupled with the used vehicle price increases, wrecked vehicles that may have been deemed a total loss are now being repaired.”


Total Loss Claims


Total loss-associated rental results were 2.5 days higher than in Q3 2020.


Hawaii saw the only decrease in LOR, coming in 2.3 days lower than 2020. Otherwise, increases were across the board for all other states and DC.


Alaska, New Jersey and Wyoming had results increase less than a day, 31 states had increases between one and three days, and 14 states increased LOR between...