Thursday, 21 October 2021 15:49

CCC Launches Recovery Assistant to Accelerate Third-Party Claims Experience


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CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc., a leading SaaS platform for the P&C insurance economy, introduced Recovery Assistant, the industry leader’s first mobile experience for casualty claims resolution.

Recovery Assistant creates a mobile channel to quickly and efficiently capture information to accelerate third-party claims resolution.


Financial services company USAA collaborated with CCC to bring this innovative capability to reality and further enable the insurer’s digital-first strategy. USAA is also the first auto insurer to leverage CCC’s Recovery Assistant and is actively using Recovery Assistant on qualified third-party claims. 
“As consumer demand for all things digital grows, our ability to reach members and third-party claimants digitally becomes increasingly important,” said Sean Burgess, USAA chief claims officer. “We were happy to work with CCC to help bring this capability to life and we are energized by the early results realized through CCC’s Recovery Assistant.” 
Recovery Assistant can begin working quickly after a claim is filed, enabling an insurer to speed communication with the claimant, digitally guiding their experience.


For qualified claims, a casualty adjuster texts or emails the claimant inviting them to confirm medical treatment was received and to capture macro-level injury data. Information is submitted through the Recovery Assistant app for evaluation by the adjuster. Settlement information is then returned digitally to the claimant, allowing for increased resolution speeds from months or weeks to days. 
“The Recovery Assistant mobile experience is already hard at work streamlining casualty claims for USAA,” said Barrett Callaghan, executive vice president, markets and customer success, CCC. “CCC is focused on...

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