Thursday, 07 October 2021 20:18

Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.2 to Rollout to ~1K New Drivers

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati


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Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted a key update to Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.2 rollout, saying the new iteration of the company’s advanced driver-assist system is poised for release Oct. 8.

Musk also said the program would be expanding to about 1,000 new Tesla owners who have registered a perfect 100 rating on their Safety Score. 


Musk said the rollout of FSD Beta 10.2 would be put on hold for several days to evaluate the expanded program. If the results of the FSD Beta 10.2 expansion prove successful, then Tesla would start to gradually roll out the advanced driver-assist system to owners who have posted a 99 rating on their Safety Score. Rollouts to owners with Safety Scores of 98 and below should follow. 


Tesla’s strategy for the rollout of FSD Beta 10.2 is arguably cautious, but necessary. The company’s Full Self-Driving system, even in its Beta form, is designed to be a key safety feature, after all.


For Tesla to be able to release FSD to its greater fleet, the advanced driver-assist system needs to be validated and refined. Tapping into electric vehicle owners who wish to take part in the FSD Beta program could then be a key strategy that could eventually help Tesla achieve true autonomous driving in the future.  


In later posts, Musk confirmed the FSD Beta 10.2 expansion Oct. 8 would be a nationwide rollout. Musk explained, however, the quality of experience among Tesla owners operating FSD Beta 10.2 would likely “vary dramatically” as the company’s neural networks simply have far more training data in some parts of the country more than others. This disparity should be addressed as...

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