Friday, 01 October 2021 16:07

SCRS Quick Tip: Cavity Wax---When, How and Why


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Mike Anderson of Collision Advice and Danny Gredinberg of DEG, in partnership with the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS), present Quick Tips for those in the collision industry.

In today’s quick tip, Mike and Danny discuss a form of corrosion protection, cavity wax. One of the features that makes it different from other forms of corrosion protection is that it is self healing, and hardens as it seeps into crevices. OEM procedures often dictate specific PSI to apply the cavity wax, depending on the areas of the vehicle it is being applied.


Both labor and materials---as well as ancillary operations like masking for cavity wax application---are identified as not-included in all three estimating systems. Learn where OEM repair procedures might have surprising instructions of when and why to apply.


Ever applied cavity wax to a headlamp? Watch and find out why you may be expected to.


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