Wednesday, 29 September 2021 18:44

ASE Education Foundation Releases 2021 Student Career Survey Results


...closely guided. Students are able to grow their skill set while being immersed in the culture of the repair shop, learning what it takes to successfully service vehicles and be part of a working team.


“The survey results reinforce the steps employers can take to help improve job retention and help ensure that students are more qualified when entering the work force,” said Mike Coley, ASE Education Foundation president. “First, they can get involved with local schools, making sure they are ASE-accredited and providing students with the foundation for a solid career. Second, they can go beyond speaking and job-shadowing, and start a work-based learning program where students are hired to do meaningful work in their businesses while they are still learning. This combination of activities has powerful impact on the ability of employers to identify and retain skilled employees.”


The ASE Education Foundation actively works with partners across the country, implementing solutions from internships to registered apprenticeships, to help keep automotive service professionals in the work force. To learn more, visit www.ASEeducationfoundation.org.


Source: ASE Education Foundation


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