Tuesday, 28 September 2021 08:50

BrightDrop Completes Build of its First Light Commercial EV

The BrightDrop EV410 is a medium-size electric light commercial vehicle. The BrightDrop EV410 is a medium-size electric light commercial vehicle.


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BrightDrop, the technology startup decarbonizing last-mile deliveries, on Sept. 28 announced the completion of the first production builds of the EV600, a key milestone to deliver its first electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) to FedEx Express in time for the holiday season.

The build completion is the fastest vehicle program to market in General Motors’ history and comes amid global supply chain delays and shortages.


The company also unveiled a new addition to its vehicle lineup, the EV410, a mid-size eLCV designed for smaller, more frequent trips. Verizon, one of the largest fleet operators in the U.S., is the first customer slated to integrate the EV410 into its field maintenance and service fleet.


“Getting our first electric vehicles on the streets in record time before another peak holiday shipping season is the best gift we could receive this year, especially when we consider the supply chain headwinds the world is facing right now,” said Travis Katz, BrightDrop president and CEO. “This is a strong statement to the market of how our unique operations setup, which marries the cutting-edge innovation, agility and focus of a technology startup with the scale and manufacturing might of a major automaker, can deliver real value to both customers and the planet.”


BrightDrop’s EV600 record-setting development timeline of just 20 months was made possible by leveraging GM’s highly flexible Ultium battery platform, innovative virtual development processes established by the GMC HUMMER EV program, and an agile approach to manufacturing development.


In addition to the segment-leading range and safety features, fleet managers can also expect an estimated yearly savings of $7,000 by going electric with the EV600 when compared to a similar diesel-powered vehicle---a good thing for both the bottom line and the environment.


“As e-commerce demand continues to increase and the effects of climate change are felt like never before across the globe, it’s imperative that we move quickly to reduce emissions," added Katz. "BrightDrop’s holistic delivery solutions are designed to help tackle these challenges head on. We’re excited to get these world-class electric vehicles on the streets in record time.”


To hit this production milestone, BrightDrop is partnering with...

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