Tuesday, 21 September 2021 16:21

HONK FirstOnScene™ Accident Information Services Reduce Claim Cycle Time by Up to Five Days 


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HONK Technologies, the industry-leading digital roadside assistance platform and vehicle transport company, on Sept. 21 announced its accident scene information services solution, FirstOnScene™.

With FirstOnScene, insurance carriers can receive photos, video and information detailing vehicle damage while the vehicle is still on scene. As a result, carriers can reduce the claim cycle time by three to five days, cutting the time required to settle roughly in half. 


With more than 6 million car accidents in the U.S. each year, insurers need fast and accurate information about claims. With HONK, carriers can receive on-scene data, photos and videos to apply intelligent automation for better claim management, faster resolutions and reduced fraud. 


FirstOnScene combines HONK’s extensive, nationwide network of vetted tow providers with machine learning. Tow operators from the HONK network capture photos and video via HONK’s platform, which optimizes them for analysis by third-party AI platforms. Images and video are also available to claims adjusters for viewing via their preferred claims management software.


Insurance carriers receive the data points required to settle a claim while the customer’s vehicle is still at the scene of an accident. Customers receive a settlement or their repaired vehicles back faster, and insurers save up to $800 per claim by reducing costly delays such as vehicle storage, impound fees, secondary tows and...

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