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Approaching ADAS: From Customer Perception to Customer Experience


...branded, individualized approach to the repair experience and help their drivers locate nearby repair shop options, which could include certified repair facilities.


Selecting a repair facility is a simple decision with major impact since when it comes to ADAS, high customer expectations cannot be ignored. When features are impacted after a small collision, 81% are likely to bring their vehicle in for repairs, and proceed with those repairs even if it results in higher costs.


Quality and reliability are high on the list with nearly three-quarters of drivers expecting ADAS to work just as well as it did pre-collision.


Repair complexity is also having an impact on connected diagnostic scanning. According to Statista, the average vehicle generates more than 100 million lines of code. Since 2017, CCC has seen a 900% increase in repair facilities’ use of diagnostics scans. This technology---and the ability to access OEM repair methods easily in the cloud---is becoming critical to help simplify scans and help technicians properly analyze and assess ADAS repairs.


ADAS is impacting decision making for both OEMs and their customers. It’s changing experiences both on the road and within the vehicles themselves. It’s amplifying the need for precise data analysis and clear communication.


There is much to be gained as OEMs continue to learn the broad impact of ADAS and the opportunities surrounding it. The time is now to develop more positive experiences and meaningful engagement, helping contribute to increased lifetime value and brand loyalty.


Insights and analysis on the impact of ADAS within the industry can be found in CCC’s 2021 Crash Course Midyear Report at cccis.com/crash-course-2021.


Source: CCC


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