Friday, 10 September 2021 20:52

Approaching ADAS: From Customer Perception to Customer Experience


...building the trust necessary for adoption.


CCC’s in-depth look into driver perception can help inform auto manufacturers’ decisions about how they communicate with their drivers regarding included safety features and optional add-ons, as well as how to ensure they are allocating the appropriate amount of resources and budget to future development.


Connected technologies can also play a key role in understanding ADAS usage and impact. The ability to constantly capture and share actionable insights with OEMs can offer a window into how people drive and how ADAS affects collision frequency and severity.


Benefits can extend to the insurer side where more visibility, including better ability to determine if features are active or turned off at the point of collision, can provide additional clarity during the claims process.


And with a unique set of ADAS features present in a variety of vehicles, quote-seeking drivers may also find it helpful to share specific vehicle details with an insurer in hopes of securing a lower insurance premium. OEMs who see the value in facilitating this data share may find it becomes yet another opportunity to enhance the customer experience for their drivers.


Beyond this, in the event of a crash, the presence of ADAS has added a new layer of complexity to repairs. As more technology is embedded into cars, the cost of the average repair goes up. This means fender benders are no longer just that. Damage to a bumper could require a backup camera replacement, or damage to a sideview mirror may impact blind spot detection capabilities.


This complexity creates a unique post-collision moment of opportunity for the manufacturer. Not only can connected technologies allow a manufacturer to offer support in the difficult moments following an accident, but they can help simplify a customer’s next steps---from initiating a claims process with their insurer to helping navigate the path to repair.


The technology exists for OEMs to extend a...