Friday, 10 September 2021 20:52

Approaching ADAS: From Customer Perception to Customer Experience


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It’s no secret vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are available on dealership lots nationwide.

However, while the industry keeps innovating and releasing more available features, consumer acceptance isn’t happening as quickly as one may think. Which begs the question---how do drivers actually feel about ADAS?


While the growing list of available safety features is sought by over half of drivers, many have a complicated perception of ADAS and its benefits. In fact, as many as 70% of drivers even disable them.

These statistics, along with the newly conducted consumer research detailed in CCC’s 2021 Crash Course Midyear Report, give auto manufacturers a great deal to consider.


Despite the many drivers who wanted ADAS features when purchasing their current vehicle, only 20% begin the buying process seeking out an ADAS equipped vehicle. And while an overwhelming 84% of drivers feel all ADAS features promote safe driving, many also feel that certain features can actually increase the chance of an accident.


This may point to a challenge many OEMs could face---as they invest in building and improving safety features for their vehicles, how do they convey their value?


Of the drivers that turn off their features, the top reasons for doing so include a belief the features were not working properly, the noises/lights were distracting or the technology was simply not needed---each a factor to address.


CCC research also revealed it is not uncommon for there to be some level of resistance to a new feature or technology. The seat belt is an example of this hurdle. It took years, many public safety campaigns, and the passage of state laws to get the majority of drivers to reach for the seat belt every time they entered a car.


Should some ADAS features become regulated in the future, it’s important to understand driver concerns sooner rather than later. A clear understanding of customer mindset is key to...

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