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All-American from Concept to Collision Repair Shop: Pro Spot a Proud U.S. Manufacturer

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A small glimpse of the Pro Spot headquarters’ Training Center. A small glimpse of the Pro Spot headquarters’ Training Center.


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Growing up in Sweden, Ron Olsson believed his future would one day lead him to America. After moving to California, he founded Pro Spot International in 1986, introducing the collision repair industry to resistance spot welding, which OEMs already used while building vehicles.

Since its inception, Pro Spot equipment has “always been manufactured in the U.S., under one roof, from start to finish,” Olsson said. “We’re proud to be the only American-made spot-welding manufacturer. Living in this great country means something, and our distributors and customers can take pride in using products made in the USA.”


For the past 20 years, Pro Spot’s catalogue of products has come to life in its 60,000-square foot facility in Carlsbad, CA. From design and engineering to prototyping, and then manufacturing and shipping its products, Pro Spot “dreams up everything we do right here. On-site engineers design our equipment on a CAD program, and after testing the prototypes, we manufacture the product,” Olsson explained.


Spot welder cylinder

Ryan Swanson showing off a fresh spot welder cylinder made in the five-axis Doosan mill turn.


Originality and adaptability are key components to Olsson’s business philosophy. He places much emphasis on the ability to engineer and manufacture all Pro Spot equipment under one roof.


“We have to be fast-acting in this industry, and having everything in-house provides us with instant access to engineering and the production line when we need to react,” he said. “With everyone in the same building, feedback reaches the right team quicker, allowing efficient adjustments when needed, without relying on another facility’s response times. That’s priceless in this industry.”


The adaptability Pro Spot enjoys by having the entire process under one roof was paramount while contending with the global pandemic.


“We reacted and adapted quicker than other manufacturers because we control everything on-site,” said Olsson. “During the worst of the shutdown, Pro Spot supported our distributors by...

...offering creative financing options to ensure our equipment was available to those affected by COVID and its impact on the economy.”


Of course, the pandemic continues to present challenges, including a shortage of raw materials and an increase in freight prices. Despite rising costs, Pro Spot has not raised its product prices.


“Our prices have remained consistent, yet we’ve had three strong quarters which help us feel optimistic that we’ll be able to return to normal soon,” Olsson said.


ProSpot web

Tested and Approved. Pro Spot headquarters in Carlsbad, CA.


Noting vehicle technology is rapidly changing with the inclusion of electric and autonomous vehicles, Olsson said, “Having the right infrastructure is vital to producing products that will keep pace with new technology coming down the pipeline and the increasing demands accompanying those advancements. At Pro Spot, we’re always thinking five years ahead so we can prepare for the next set of changes in vehicle technology.”


With technology changing so rapidly, collision repair professionals know training is more important than ever before, and Olsson agrees.


In addition to its Carlsbad headquarters, Pro Spot has training centers in Florida, Tennessee and Colorado, which “allows us to be more proactive in training our local and regional markets, while also offering convenience by saving clients from unnecessary travel expenses,” Olsson said. “Customers particularly benefit from training at headquarters where they can see how Pro Spot manufactures the equipment they’re learning to use effectively.”


As vehicle design advances, Pro Spot continues to follow suit.


“We’re adjusting our designs and technology as OEMs update vehicle designs and technology,” Olsson said. “Yes, Pro Spot is a welding company, but we’re more of a joining technologies company, and as vehicles change, we’ll adapt as well, ensuring that we provide our customers with the support they’ve come to expect from Pro Spot.”


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