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New Lithium-Metal Battery Could Revolutionize Electronics

Written by Fabienne Lang, Interesting Engineering
A lithium-ion battery. A lithium-ion battery. kynny/Shutterstock


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You've inevitably heard of lithium-ion batteries, which power most of our portable electronics and, of course, electric vehicles.

They've undoubtedly revolutionized the way we live, but they also have some shortcomings, including short-circuiting and relatively short ranges for EVs. 


Researchers have been working hard to find better, longer-lasting battery solutions that don't weigh a ton or cost an arm and a leg. Now, a team of scientists in Germany may have found the holy grail: a lithium-metal battery that reaches an incredibly high energy density of 560-Wh/kg with great stability. 


The team published its findings in the journal Joule.


The new battery uses a combination of cobalt-poor, nickel-rich layered cathode (NCM88) and a commercially available organic LP30 electrolyte, which, when working together, enable storage of high energy per mass and a largely stable capacity over many cycles, per the researchers. 


And the results are remarkable. Its energy density is above the 500-Wh/kg typical threshold that's used to power next-gen EVs, and well above the regular 250-300-Wh/kg energy density that lithium-ion batteries provide, as New Atlas pointed out.


Moreover, the team explained that its new lithium-metal battery retained...

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