Thursday, 02 September 2021 20:39

Answers to Your SEMA Show Questions

Written by Della Domingo, SEMA
SEMA Vice President of Events Tom Gattuso. SEMA Vice President of Events Tom Gattuso.


...we are 100% committed to having the Show in November and helping the industry and our customers succeed.


As soon as we learn the specific measures that will be required in November by state and local governments, we will share those details by posting them on our websites, in our social media channels and emailing registered participants. We will do everything we can to notify our customers as soon as possible. 


It sounds like masks are required at all indoor events in Las Vegas. Should I be prepared to have to wear a mask all day long while at the SEMA Show?


Currently (as of this Sept. 1 interview), Nevada does require that masks be worn by everyone while indoors in Las Vegas, but that may change. We will have to assess the situation and the requirements that will be place, and it’s just a bit too early to make that determination. We’ll know more in the coming weeks.


Also, there is more than a million square feet of outdoor activation space, including feature vehicles, displays, drifting and ride and drive experiences, where masks are not required. 


Doesn’t SEMA have an option to require proof of vaccinations from attendees, and then not require masks to be worn the entire time?


That is not currently (as of Sept. 1 interview) an option for events such as trade shows in Las Vegas.


Nevada recently announced an option for fixed-seat event organizers---such as concerts and football games---to require proof of vaccination from attendees in Las Vegas, and not require masks be worn. It seems that many do not realize that this option does not apply to trade shows---the current requirement in Nevada is...

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