Tuesday, 31 August 2021 17:16

Car Insurance Costs for Men vs. Women in 2021

Written by Aaron Besson, QuoteWizard


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On average, QuoteWizard found men pay $720 per year for auto insurance, while women pay $739 per year.

The cost difference between teenage men and women drivers is easy to explain. Men pay significantly more for car insurance than women in their teen years, while women pay slightly higher premiums in later years. On average, we found men pay $720 per year for auto insurance, while women pay $739 per year.


But these rates depend on age: during their younger years, men pay more for auto insurance than women. This cost difference usually evens out at age 25 for both genders.


However, women see a comparatively slight hike in their rates by age 35. Why women wind up paying more for auto insurance over time is not really known, and some states have already started taking steps to eliminate gender as a rate factor.


Our research found men pay an average of $720 per year for car insurance, while women pay $739. Which gender pays more for auto insurance at any given point in time depends on the age of the driver. 


On average, young men pay much more for car insurance than young women. This is because car insurance providers find men to be riskier drivers than women, especially when they are younger.


When they are older, women start to pay slightly higher rates. Besides age, other factors that can affect the car insurance rates of either gender include driving history, where you live, car make and marital status.


In order to defray higher auto insurance costs regardless of your age and gender, make sure to compare multiple auto insurance quotes from many companies. Rates and coverage offerings can vary widely. Getting a broad overview of what's available can save you a lot of money.


On average, men pay $720 a year, or $60 a month, for auto insurance. At age 18, a male driver pays an average of...

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