Tuesday, 24 August 2021 21:42

Battery Resourcers Announces New Site Expansions in Massachusetts and Michigan


...research and development support, the Worcester operation will be part of the company's spoke network to support the rapidly expanding EV market.


The brand new facility in Westborough, MA, will process black mass to cathode precursor material and purify the recovered graphite to battery grade at a purity level higher than 99.9%. The battery material research and development team will also be relocated to Westborough to closely integrate lab development and increased manufacturing scaling efforts.


The Novi, MI, facility will support the company's commitment to developing and commercializing battery materials, including the sintering and finishing of high-energy density nickel manganese cobalt cathode. The Novi site also contains a state of the art materials analytical lab, as well as lab scale battery production and test capabilities, to fully evaluate the performance of Battery Resourcers' battery materials.
To discover the Battery Resourcers battery recycling and material process, and to learn more about its strategic expansion, click here.


Source: Battery Resourcers


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