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Rocket Auto Launches Online Vehicle Marketplace


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Detroit-based Rocket Auto, a digital automotive retail marketplace and part of Rocket Companies, on Aug. 24 introduced RocketAuto.com, a website with a primary focus on providing a simple and transparent car buying experience.

"Buying a car is one of the largest purchases anyone makes in their life, but the process can be intimidating and overwhelming. Rocket Auto is reimagining this experience by building a marketplace with massive inventory and tools specifically engineered to make it stress free," said Victor You, CEO of Rocket Auto. "We have used Rocket Companies' decades of experience bringing simplicity to the mortgage space through Rocket Mortgage and married it with our learnings from years supporting sales for Vroom to demystify the car-buying experience and help our clients select the right car and get on the road quickly."


The Rocket Auto marketplace currently hosts more than 35,000 used cars, trucks and SUVs from more than 300 dealers nationwide. Additional inventory partners are expected to join the marketplace through the remainder of 2021, boosting choice and vehicle availability.


Rocket Companies' mission is centered around always putting the client first and ensuring simplicity and certainty are core to every transaction. Rocket Auto applied this same philosophy to its tech-enabled process for vehicle purchases.


"Rocket Companies interacts with millions of Americans every year through our mortgage, real estate and personal lending businesses. More than 90% of those clients choose to come back to us time and again because of the experience we provide," said Jay Farner, vice chairman and CEO of Rocket Companies. "With Rocket Auto, we are growing our car sales platform so those who know us and trust us have a place to purchase their next car within the Rocket ecosystem---using the technology and best-in-class client service they are used to."


Rocket Auto's marketplace format gives buyers the ability to view various makes and models, at every price point, from an incredibly diverse network of dealers. In the coming months, it will also be the only marketplace to provide buyers the ability to self-service, handling the entire process from beginning to end regardless of what dealer the vehicle comes from.


Rocket Auto has supported vehicles sales since 2017, honing the skills needed to sell vehicles nationwide from a centralized location. In that time, Rocket Auto has demonstrated the strength of its platform through tremendous growth. In the second quarter of 2021, the company facilitated the sale of...

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